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Image of Citrus Clock-ORANGE (Type B) (FREE SHIPPING to IRELAND)



The Citrus Clock was inspired by looking at cross sections of different items, from Fruit + Veg to large-scale architectural buildings. This clock is a section of an Orange. The segments of the fruit fit perfectly as hour indicators and creates a pleasing colourful rhythm. The clock is made by carefully layering Birch Plywood to create a unique wall clock that will catch people's attention.

(Type A)

The coloured segments are on the same plane as the main clock face of 6mm and are finished in the same colourless yacht varnish. This gives the clock a gloss finish, making it look like the real flesh of the Orange fruit.

(Type B)
The coloured segments are in relief behind the main clock face of 6mm. This creates a depth of material and the colour and texture are enriched due to the play of the shadows on the surfaces.


Citrus Clock-ORANGE (Type B)

Each clock measures 290mm (29cm) in diameter.

Material: Clocks are made from 6mm Birch Plywood, with a 4mm backing made from MDF.

Each clock is hand painted in a tangy orange yellow colour that resembles the peel of an Orange.

All clocks come carefully packaged in our unique gift box.

This clock is made from wood with natural colours and patterns, so each clock has a beautiful unique grain pattern.


The outlines of the numbers on the clock face are laser engraved.

The clock comes ready to hang on the wall. The clock mechanisms have a second hand that moves in a smooth continuous motion, rather than the stepping motion of most quartz movements. This change not only affects the appearance of the clocks, but continuous sweep movements also have the added benefit of being quieter. You will not hear the "clicking" sound every second.

(AA Battery not included)

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