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Image of Concrete Trivet H-O-T

Concrete Trivet H-O-T


What's a TRIVET? A trivet is designed to protect surfaces from heat damage.

This is a set of 3 hand-poured Irish concrete letters H, O +T designed to protect your surface from hot or cold items.

Arrange the letters on the surface you wish to protect. The protected area can be adjusted by moving the letters closer or further apart.

Each letter has protective felt pads underneath to protect the surface from scratches

-Please Note: This item is 'wipe clean' only.
-Materials: Made from hand-cast Irish concrete.

-Size: each set contains 3 concrete letters.
Each letter is approx 68mm X 115mm and the thickness of concrete is 25mm
Colour: Grey concrete ( each piece will vary with imperfections and colour due to the handmade process of casting)

Designed in IRELAND

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