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Image of Limited Edition- DOTS on dots.

Limited Edition- DOTS on dots.


The DOT CLOCK gives you a chance to track time in a different way. Now with a multicolour twist.

The hours on the clock are marked by precision cut holes/dots in the clock face. The clocks visual appeal comes from the relationship between the dots and the long cut lines which radiate around the centre of the clock. The single dot (One O'Clock) being matched with the shortest and 12 dots ( Twelve O'Clock) being the longest.

This clock combines a beautifully simple material with a clever sense of minimalism. Colour comes in the form of DOTS, which have been splattered on the clockface meaning each clock is as unique as its final owner.


Each clock measures 280mm (28cm) in diameter.

Material: Clocks are made from 6mm Birch Plywood, which is finished in a coat of danish oil.

Each clock comes carefully packaged in our unique gift box.

This clock is made from wood with natural colours and patterns, so each clock has a beautiful unique pattern of coloured dots.

The clock comes ready to hang on the wall. The clock mechanisms have a second hand that moves in a smooth continuous motion, rather than the stepping motion of most quartz movements. This change not only affects the appearance of the clocks you make, but continuous sweep movements also have the added benefit of being quieter. You will not hear the "clicking" sound every second.

(AA Battery not included)


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