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Image of Moonscape Clock- Black, White + Grey

Moonscape Clock- Black, White + Grey


MOONSCAPE Clock- A lunar landscape of architectural plaster.

The Moonscape clocks have been inspired by the lunar landscape and how light reacts with the surface- just like the moon itself. Each clock is made by hand to produce a one-off landscape using hand-pulled architectural plaster. The peaks and valleys create dramatic pockets of shadow and light, a highlight of the clock design.

The Moonscape clock is a theatrical timepiece which will make any wall a feature wall, as you catch a glimpse of the time.


Each clock measures 290mm (29cm) in diameter.

Material: Moonscape Clocks are made from MDF baseboard, layered with hand-pulled architectural plaster (stucco). Each clock is hand painted.

Each clock comes carefully packaged in our unique gift box.

This clock is handpainted. As the topography of each clock is unique, so too will the colour. Each clock’s colour intensifies from a white to light grey to black across the landscape surface.

The clock comes ready to hang on the wall. The clock mechanisms have a second hand that moves in a smooth continuous motion, rather than the stepping motion of most quartz movements. This change not only affects the appearance of the clocks you make, but continuous sweep movements also have the added benefit of being quieter. You will not hear the "clicking" sound every second.

(AA Battery- not included)

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